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High Praise for Lightweight BCG

February 26, 2018

Chris Benton

"I purchased a FailZero EXO nickel boron lightweight BCG for my 300AAC build after watching a youtube video by "sootch00". Gentlemen, I cannot say enough good things about your product!! I ran almost 300 rounds through it the first week with NO malfunctions what so ever!! It cleaned up super easy with nothing more than a rag and q-tips. I have to say, I am super stoked, and VERY satisfied! Keep up the good work and thank you for making a superior product."

Far easier to clean than standard bolts

August 14, 2015

Nick Humphries

“It does what it says and it does it reliably. The coating makes it far easier to clean than standard bolts and, most importantly, it is reliable as hell. So whether you have an AR15 just to plink with, you are a competition shooter, or someone who uses their AR to defend their home, I would highly recommend a FailZero BCG as your bolt carrier group.”

Battery lock is smooth and absolutely positive

August 14, 2015

Steven Karg

I bought your BCG a few months ago (full auto variant with hammer). I finally had a chance to run it and all I can say is wow! Battery lock is smooth and absolutely positive. Ejection of the brass is almost as ballistic as the projectile is leaving the end of the barrel. Honestly, I felt as though the overall function of the platforms I tested this in smoothed out. There was no change in performance with this Aero Precision upper receiver and Spikes's Tactical barrel combo, a complete Aero upper and a complete Rock River. Wow, just wow. I am ordering 2 more

FailZero makes an awesome BCG!

August 14, 2015

GO Gun Owner

“FailZero makes an awesome BCG! I ran mine for a year now and there has never been a single hiccup! The rifle cycles as smooth as silk. FailZero is synonymous with friction-zero.”

U.S. National Steel Championship

March 24, 2015

Max Friedman

"Dear Fail Zero I am really thankful that I was able to participate in the U.S. National Steel Championship. It was an amazing event that would not be possible without your support. Because of you I was able to have this great opportunity which is a great thing for me being able to compete and learn from the pros at these competitions as I am only a new junior shooter. So thank you for sponsoring this event! Thank you Max Friedman"

Craftsmanship are far superior than anything I’ve seen

January 28, 2015

Mr. Cooley

"Not only is the customer service hands down the best I've ever received in this industry, the products and craftsmanship are far superior than anything I've seen. I have ran several of FailZero BCGs in my ARs and several thousand rounds later they all still look and perform perfectly. From the ease of my first order, they have earned a customer for life!"

Performed flawlessly

April 15, 2014


"I currently have two AR-15's that have EXO bolt's and they perform flawlessly! The performance in a DI AR-15 is drastically increased. Thank you for a wonderful product that actually lives up to all the hype!"

Most beautiful AR bolt I have ever seen

April 8, 2014


"I received the Bolt and it is definitely the most beautiful AR bolt I have ever seen."

The best I have seen and used

January 8, 2014

Gun Collector from Tampa Bay, FL

“The best I have seen and used. Great bolt/carrier. Makes the AR platform much more reliable. Very easy to clean. Never a jam, misfire, or feed problem. I love it.”