FailZero FAQs

How can FailZero parts operate with no lubrication?

FailZero parts are treated with EXO Technology; a patented process that deposits a proprietary Nickel Boron plating that is permanently lubricious and harder than the substrate itself. EXO Technology dissipates heat so efficiently, operating parts run cleaner and cooler – a great benefit in semi-automatic and automatic weapons.

Do FailZero parts ever need cleaning?

FailZero parts do require cleaning but at far fewer intervals then standard bolt/carrier components. Fouling can be brushed away with a steel brush with little effort. A normal cleaning schedule is suggested with FailZero parts but alcohol wipes should be all that’s necessary. Do NOT use cleaning solvents that react negatively with Nickel.

What firearms will FailZero parts fit?

All FailZero parts are mil-spec quality, so they will correctly fit AR/M4 firearms.

Have FailZero parts been proven in real-world use?

FailZero parts have been thoroughly tested by the U.S. Department of Defense, by law enforcement departments nationwide, by rigorous internal testing, and by tactical training centers.

Much of the test data is proprietary under military secrecy provisions. FailZero parts are currently in use by SWAT teams, security agencies, and by military troops under battlefield conditions. Other EXO treated parts are used in military advanced weapons systems, mortar tubes and components, missile testing systems, and more. And, FailZero parts are guaranteed for life.

How do I order FailZero parts, and who can install them?

All FailZero products an be ordered online.

All FailZero parts should be installed by a competent gunsmith.

What are FailZero's warranty and return policies?

FailZero parts are guaranteed for life. You can return any FailZero part, for any reason, with 30 days.

UCT Coatings' EXO Technology: the active weapon advantage.

FailZero tactical weapon upgrade parts are treated with UCT Coatings’ patented, military-proven Nickel Boron Technology. This unique, breakthrough technology creates a permanently lubricious surface, harder than the substrate itself, which reduces the need for grease or other wet lubrication for the life of the weapon. Unlike films, conventional coatings and applied lubricants, it will never rub off, never flake off, never build up crud. EXO Technology reduces failure of critical components, giving you an “active weapon advantage” under all conditions.

FailZero upgrades are used by SWAT teams, law enforcement and security professionals across the country.

FailZero upgrades are currently available for AR-15 tactical rifles. All FailZero parts are mil-spec quality and will correctly fit AR-15 and M-16/4 firearms manufactured by BushMaster, Springfield Armory, Colt, DPMS, Double Star, Stag and others.