FailZero Testimonials and Endorsements

2/19/18, Paul wrote: "I purchased a FailZero EXO nickel boron lightweight BCG for my 300AAC build after watching a youtube video by "sootch00". Gentlemen, I cannot say enough good things about your product!! I ran almost 300 rounds through it the first week of February with NO malfunctions what so ever!! It cleaned up super easy with nothing more than a rag and q-tips. I have to say, I am super stoked, and VERY satisfied! Keep up the good work and thank you for making a superior product."

4/2/15, Cameron wrote: "I'm a very pleased owner of a FZ BCG….I have been nothing but pleased with my BCG and all of my friends have been equally impressed. I can't say enough good about it. Thanks!"

3/24/15, "Dear Fail Zero I am really thankful that I was able to participate in the U.S. National Steel Championship. It was an amazing event that would not be possible without your support. Because of you I was able to have this great opportunity which is a great thing for me being able to compete and learn from the pros at these competitions as I am only a new junior shooter. So thank you for sponsoring this event! Thank you Max Friedman"

1/28/15, Mr. Cooley wrote: "Not only is the customer service hands down the best I've ever received in this industry, the products and craftsmanship are far superior than anything I've seen. I have ran several of FailZero BCGs in my ARs and several thousand rounds later they all still look and perform perfectly. From the ease of my first order, they have earned a customer for life!"

4/01/14, Doug wrote: "I ordered a Ni-B bolt carrier group in semi auto. Dropped right in and ready to go. Have fired three hundred rounds with this BCG. Used some inexpensive (cheap ammo), dirty stuff. Pulled the BCG to clean it and was amazed at the ease of cleaning. Took the BCG down and everything, everything  wiped off. No soaking, scraping, or brushing. All I needed was a rag. The residue wiped right off. Cut cleaning time. Still in awe at the ease at which this BCG came clean. Plan on putting more rounds down range this week-end. Really load it up."

4/15/12, Jeremy wrote: "I currently have two AR-15's that have EXO bolt's and they perform flawlessly! The performance in a DI AR-15 is drastically increased.  Thank you for a wonderful product that actually lives up to all the hype!"

Tony wrote: "I received the Bolt and it is definitely the most beautiful AR bolt I have ever seen."

James wrote: "Your coating is the best upgrade for the AR15 I have seen since 1968!"

10/14/11, Gun Collector from Tampa Bay, FL writes:
“The best I have seen and used. Great bolt/carrier. Makes the AR platform much more reliable. Very easy to clean. Never a jam, misfire, or feed problem. I love it.”

6/17/11, Gunsmith from Columbus, OH writes:
“I was very hesitant to purchase this bolt carrier group for my newest AR that I was building. I broke down and decided to give it a try, so I ordered it. Once at the range I began to field strip and clean the rifle after about 60 rounds like I always do, and found that I no longer have to be that diligent with this bolt and bolt carrier. They were never dirty. So I began to run some tests and found that I could run several hundred rounds downrange before I could see any accumulation of carbon, and once I could see it all I did was wipe the equipment with one of my rifle rags (an old shirt) and it was all gone. No more hunkered down for an hour or so cleaning the bolt and bolt carrier after a full day of shooting. I currently have shot around 4K rounds using this bolt and bolt carrier. I Love IT!!! This is a must have. I have already gotten most of my 3-gun match friends to upgrade theirs also. Highly Recommended. Will never buy a regular bolt and carrier again.”

1/31/11 Law Enforcement/Military personnel from Wisconsin wrote:
“Wouldn't own an AR without it!?” Bought one for my AR15 build.  So far, put 1000 rounds with no lube, no jams. Haven't cleaned it, purely to test its reliability. Still hoping the army will issue me one for my M4.”

6/8/10 - Shooter from Rancho Santa Margarita, CA wrote:
“This bolt/bolt carrier/hammer is a great product. It was between this item and a Wilson Combat item and I am completely satisfied with Fail Zero. The coating is superior to the original bolt, which you can instantly tell after cleaning and comparing both. This is by far the easiest to clean due to the coating and natural lubrication. I wouldn't run it without lube however, just for wear purposes.”

1/1/10 – Gun Enthusiast from Clearwater, Florida wrote:
“Don't change the gas system of the AR. Give this EXO coating, a try!  It works really good.  I have 4 complete units. Carbon does not stick to the parts, it just rubs off, the EXO coating works Great!”

10/9/10 – Law Enforcement/Military, from Chesterfield, VA wrote:
“I just got this to replace the original bolt carrier in my rifle. This thing is awesome. Cleaning it is easy as wiping it down then replacing it in the gun. It operates much smoother then the original carrier. I have recommended to several friends already.”

9/23/09 – Competitive Shooter, from Hampstead, MD wrote:
“I have purchased 3 of these carriers for customers and myself. The EXO coating is a breakthrough for firearms. You will notice the lack of friction the second you pull the charging handle. Cleaning your carrier is effortless. Carbon does not stick to the surface. I am going to buy more.”




Advanced Tactics and Countermeasures TV

An unsolicited FailZero testimonial from one of our customers on Advanced Tactics and Countermeasures TV. Visit ATAC TV and click on the FailZero screen on the bottom right. You may have to scroll back up to the screen to watch.

Nickel Boron Coating from Fail Zero

At Rifle Dynamics we have always approached whatever weapon system we work on with the goal of providing the most dependable system we can. Accuracy is important but for the professional operator dependability is the main concern.

The AR-15/M-4 series rifles have always been a challenge.

We wanted to find a way to give the AR/M-4 series rifles we produce an edge in reliability that has not been available before.

Enter Fail Zero and Nickel Boron coating......

At first I was skeptical but still interested. Fail Zero provided us with some product for T&E and the more we worked with it the more we began to see that this stuff really works.

The AR/M-4 series rifles have very tight tolerances making them sensitive to debris causing stoppages. The rule of thumb has always been "put more oil in it and it will run" I have lived and worked in desert environments most of my life. I have found that the more oil in the weapon the more dust collects and the sooner the gun will malfunction. With Nickel Boron little to no lube is required for the gun to function. Yes it will even run without lube but if that's the case a little bit of lube in certain places just enhances the performance without making puddles of gunk in the action from over lubing.

Cleaning the gun is incredibly easy with Nickel Boron, the carbon, grease, dust and dirt just wipe right off with a rag. I truly believe that this product will be industry changing we are proudly offering it on all of our fighting rifles, as we believe this makes a huge difference in performance.

We had our friends over at Tactical Response run a torture test on the product, it preformed flawlessly for them and they are very hard on any weapon system.

When you absolutely need the gun to go bang every time then Fail Zero's Nickel Boron should be a part of your weapon system. All my personal guns have it!

Jim Fuller

Rifle Dynamics

October 2010

Hello, I don't know if you remember me, you sent me a bolt carrier group back in Jan while I was in IRAQ. I would like to say thank you again for sending me one of your bolt groups, this thing is the best addition to my M4 that I have ever used, I sent in a request to REF and have been talking to them about the parts. This system needs to be standard in every military weapon system.

I am back home in Michigan and my orders have me training soldiers that are deploying to Afghanistan and Iraq, I have been showing everyone that I train my Failzero bolt and telling them the benefits.I have had a great response from the soldiers I have shown it to.

Thank you for your help




October 2010

Outstanding product - I have 2 of your coated bolt carriers and 1 coated by you from Spike's - can't say enough about how easy these are to clean and the lack of wear after 10,000 rounds through spread over 3 rifles - keep up the good work


October 2010

I'll keep this concise... I ordered a few of your bolt carrier groups, and I can't help but express how pleased I am with them. They have treated me perfectly in every tactical class I take (mostly Magpul and LMS Defense), and I try to send people your way when they see my shiny bolt that never fails. Is there any way I could get a couple stickers for my gun case and car to show my support? Thank you in advance for your time and any consideration.


August 2009


I have got a quick story for you. I bought a Laure upper receiver (Billet) and a Young N/M BCG and installed Noveske 14.5 Afghan barrel 1/7 with a Smith Vortex Flash Suppresser and put it on one of my Colt lowers with a 3lb Timminy trigger. This thing shoots button holes , but it short strokes about every third or fourth shot and jams two bullets. So I took apart the BCG and cleaned and lubed with plenty of CLP and put CLP in the upper receiver until it dripped out of the mag well. This solved the problem. I was think that’s a shame to have to run a gun that wet for it to function. Then I took out the Young N/M chromed BCG wiped the receiver dry and installed my Fail Zero Bolt DRY. Went back out side and shot every kind of ammo I had with out ONE FAILURE. This made a believer out of me. GREAT PRODUCT. Thanks Gene

During an open shoot at the SWAT Round Up on Dec. 6. 2008 I had the opportunity to shoot several weapons with the EXO technology coating from UCT Coatings. We shot a Colt 1911, Beretta 92FS and a Glock 21.  They shot very smoothly with no lubrication whatsoever.  Being in Law Enforcement for 17 years as a SWAT Operator, Trainer, Road Patrol Officer, I have never seen anything like this.  I was very impressed. The most impressive item that I saw that day was the FAILZERO AR-15 bolt/bolt carrier kit that allows any AR-15 to operate lubrication free.  I put the kit in a Rock River Arms AR-15, replacing the existing bolt/bolt carrier group, and we shot 10 30rd mags in a row.  We then put a suppressor on and shot 10 30rd mags within a matter of 10 min with no lubrication on the weapon. Those present at the time of the shoot, were members of 20th Special Forces Group U.S. Army and SWAT Team members from several teams that were competing that day. Thank You for presenting this new technology to us.


Deputy Sheriff Felipe Jose

28 Dec 2008

FailZero at Rattlesnake Ridge

In my experience this coating by UCT works as stated and better. The concept of using an M4 type rifle without lubrication has been proven. The benefits are tremendous. No petroleum lubrications means a cleaner rifle as there is nothing sticky for dust, dirt, un-burnt powder to stick to ...The bolt/carrier has a much longer than normal expected life span due to its new hardness. What more could we ask for.  I highly recommend this treatment for those that are serious about their M4 working in all conditions at all times. I look forward to offering it as a basic part of a reliable combat rifle for Police, Security and Military personnel as well as the recreational shooter wanting the "best".   -- Ed Lowrey, Rattlesnake Ridge Training Center tactical weapons instructor, Special Forces Warrant Officer/retired, Colt Armorer, Class III weapons systems builder

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10 April 2009
President, National Association of Shooting Ranges and Range Manager who witnessed thousands of rounds of testing.

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