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The most innovative” direct view thermal sight in the world. The ECHO3 uses SIG SAUER BDX technology and can record both video and images in 8 different color palettes. Compact Thermal Reflex Style Sight with Customizable Fixed Reticles that are Configured from the BDX Mobile Application. The Echo 3 uses an uncooled 320×240 12µ VOx LWIR Core Operating at 30Hz” and LevelPlex Anti-Cant Technology with Scope Cant Sensitivity down to 0.5 degrees.

  • Compact Thermal Reflex Style Sight
  • BDX Enabled WiFi/Bluetooth®, Active Reticles that Change with KILO® Rangefinder Input, Customizable Fixed Reticles configured from BDX Mobile App
  • Uncooled 320×240 12µm VOx LWIR Core Operating at 30Hz (ITAR Controlled)
  • LevelPlex® Anti-Cant System with Scope Cant Sensitivity down to 0.5°
  • MOTAC™ (Motion Activated Display) Powers up when it Senses Motion
  • Video and Image Recording (including recoil activation) with 8 Color Palettes
  • Greater than 6 Hours of Run Time with Heavy Use
  • Easy to Adjust Lens with Optional Throw Lever Attachment
  • Optional Quick Disconnect Mount
  • Designed and Assembled in the U.S.A. to Withstand IPX-6 Conditions
  • Aspheric Lens (10° FOV) with up to 6X Digital Magnification
  • Designed for Predator and Hog hunters
  • Improved Situational Awareness