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The KDG RMR Low Profile Sidelok mount allows for the popular Trijicon RMR optic” and other brands that share the same mounting base to benefit from KDG Sidelok Technology! The lightweight” 2.4 oz. mount pairs with all models of RMR to carry an overall weight of 3.4 oz. assembled. Made from high strength billet 6061 aluminum” the Sidelok mount allows for instant attachment or detachment of the optic to the firearm. This is facilitated with no tools or adjustments” can be accomplished with one hand even while wearing gloves” and with 100% repeatable return to zero! The RMR Low Profile Sidelok mount is perfect for lightweight firearms and those that swap optics out for different shooting environments. This mount does not offer co-witness with any AR-15 style iron sights” but will provide a lower profile setup for those using the mount on shotguns” AK-47s” submachine guns” belt-fed weapon systems” etc.

  • Absolute co-witness
  • Black anodized finish
  • Trijicon RMR or other red dots with RMR style mounting base