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Hogue’s HandALL Slip On Rubber Grip Sleeves are scientifically designed and patented with an innovative shape that hugs the contours of your firearm” giving them the tightest and most secure fit possible. Molded from Hogue’s soft but durable elastomer rubber with a Cobblestone grip pattern” HandALL Grip Sleeves are easily installed and provide years of dependable service. This Beavertail model fits Full Size Gen 1″ 2 and 5 Glock Handguns in 9mm” 357 Sig” 40 S&W” 10mm” 45 ACP and 45 GAP including” but not limited to” the following specific models: G17″ G17L” G17 MOS” G19X” G20″ G21″ G22″ G24″ G31″ G34″ G34 MOS” G35″ G40″ G41″ G45

  • Black finish
  • Rubber sleeve
  • For Glock 17″ G17L” G19X” G34 and G34 Mos Gen 1″ 2 and 5