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The Archangel OPFOR Picatinny Rail is an available accessory for the forend of the Mosin Nagant Precision Rifle Stock (AA9130)” the Mauser Precision Rifle Stock (AA98)” and the Tikka T3 Precision Rifle Stock (AAT3). It is made from the same proprietary polymer compound as the stocks. Utilizing the ventilation holes on the underside of the forend the rail mounts securely. It is designed to be parallel to the barrel in the horizontal plane” allowing for a more precise mounting of lasers or lights. At 5 inches long” it has ample space for a rail mounted bipod” along with that laser or flashlight. If your Mosin rifle / carbine requires the use of the available barrel tensioner device” a provision has been made to allow adjustment of the tensioner with the rail in place. Lifetime Warranty. Made in USA.

  • 5″ Picatinny Rail
  • For the forend of the Mosin-Nagant Precision Rifle Stock