Fire and Forget — The Lube, that is...

on Friday, 15 May 2015.

Fire and Forget — The Lube, that is...

FailZero is the brainchild of Florida-based UCT Coatings. They specialize in plating and advanced coatings for metals.

FailZero is their brand by which they market their EXO coating which the company says “eliminates the need for grease, oil or any other wet lubricants.”

Unlike films, conventional coatings and applied lubricants, it will never rub off, never flake off, never build up crud. EXO Technology eliminates wet-lubrication failures of critical components, giving you an “active weapon advantage” under all conditions.
Proven by DoD tests, SWAT teams, tactical experts.

The patented EXO Technology used in FAILZERO upgrades has been thoroughly tested and proven effective by UCT Defense – a division of UCT Coatings and developer of EXO Technology – and by the U.S. Department of Defense. Test results include:

* 50,000 lube-free rounds on AR-15s.
* 15,000 lube-free rounds on M9 pistols.
* 18,000 lube-free rounds on carbine rifles.
* 23,000 lube-free rounds on machine guns.

The company says its coating technology is already used in Army 81 and 60mm mortar systems, Black Hawk hoists and some Navy applications.

I have a FailZero BCG in my personal use AR-15 and I can tell you from Day 1, even just in the box, it is impressive. The coating is even and beautiful on every surface. It looks wet. You touch it and it feels slick, you expect your finger to come away with oil on it, but it’s completely dry.

I’ve shot 500-700 rounds lube free before chickening out and lubing it — works beautifully. It will just take a little time to adjust to the lack of lube. There are documented torture tests online and some of these guys in the field have run it in the thousands, problem free… with suppression…no lube.

There is no harm in running it with a little lube, doesn’t hurt, but I find its best to keep it very light lube, less sludge mess to clean up and still perfect function.

The EXO coating would be a valued upgrade to any firearm system. Some guys in the field have reported appreciating the lack of oil to trail on the water during wet insertions, and others in cold weather like the lack of liquid in the action, less chance of gumming up or freezing.


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