EXO Bolt/Carrier Groups - Simply the best!

Upgrade your AR/M4 rifles with FailZero EXO technology parts, and you eradicate failures caused by wet-lubrication: worn-off lube, gun-jamming gunk, dry gritty parts. FailZero parts never need grease or oil, eliminate gunk and crud, dramatically reduce downtime, and ensure optimum performance from your weapon under rugged real-world conditions. That\'s good to know when the pressure\'s on.

All FailZero parts are mil-spec quality and will properly fit AR/M4 rifles.  Coated parts have been tested in BushMaster, Rock River Arms, Springfield Armory, DPMS, Double Star, Stag Arms, Beretta, Colt, Kimber and other platforms.

If you are a law enforcement professional, serious shooting enthusiast, firearms refurbisher or gunsmith, you can count on FailZero upgrades to deliver a serious advantage.

NOTE: FIREARMS ARE PRECISION MECHANISMS AND THE IMPROPER FITTING OF PARTS OR IMPROPER MECHANICAL ADJUSTMENT MAY RESULT IN A DANGEROUS MALFUNCTION, DAMAGE TO THE FIREARM AND POSSIBLE SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH TO THE SHOOTER OR TO OTHERS.  Therefore, the purchaser and/or installer of parts must accept full responsibility for the correct adjustment of and function of the firearm after such installation has been made or attempted.