EXOGlockEXO Handgun Coating Program 
Send us the slide and barrel from your Glock, Smith & Wesson M&P, HK, Colt 1911 or similar handgun and we will coat the components and return to you!  For pricing and turnaround time, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 866-214-6926 and press 3 for Sales.

EXO Coated Bolt/Carrier Groups
We offer EXO Nickel Boron coated Bolt Carrier Groups as complete "drop-in kits" for semi-auto AR15s and full-auto M16/4s on our "Buy Now" page.  Note: Our full-auto carriers run great in ARs too!  These tactical upgrades give law enforcement, security and military professionals the "active weapon advantage" in critical use: no grease to hold grit, no oil to wear off, no gun-jamming crud on key components. FAILZERO Bolt Carrier Groups use patented EXO Technology to provide permanent dry lubricity to metal surfaces. This breakthrough technology, thoroughly proven in SWAT applications, DoD testing and battlefield conditions, creates a greaseless, permanently lubricious surface that's harder than the substrate itself. Unlike films, conventional coatings and applied lubricants, it never rubs off, thins out, spalls off, or builds up crud. EXO coated bolt carrier group components reduce maintenance and improve the performance of tactical firearms such as AR-15 and M16/4 rifles.
We hope that you enjoy our FailZero EXO (Nickel Boron coated) bolt/carrier group components and support the OEMs who have adopted our coating on their platforms.  Demand the best.
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